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Flower Fun Facts with ‪ Improving your indoor air quality.

In light of the recent developments with the COVID-19 virus and the beginning of flu season, we thought it would be beneficial to share some plants that are good with helping to purify our air. Check out this post for some plants that can remove toxins and improve your indoor air quality. The good thing about each of these plants are they are all very easy to maintain.

  • Pothos

  • Peace Lily or Spath

  • Boston Fern

  • Snake Plants

  • Rubber Plant

  • Aloe Vera

🌺🌸These plants are some good additions that can be made to your space to help, but are not the only solution. With that being said we all must continue to make sure to follow the directions of the CDC to prevent the spread of the virus. Cleanliness is essential.🌸🌺

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